Thursday, February 14, 2019

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How do I buy Instagram followers?

If you want to buy Instagram follower be careful not to get ripped off.

Go around and compare prices between different sites. Don't be fooled by those promising "Real" followers, and charging 5 times more than another site... who also probably promises "Real" followers.

There's no guarantees for real followers, and those that charge a lot to get you Instagram followers are basically overcharging you for the same service you can get elsewhere cheaper.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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5 weird things you don't know about China

China is one of the five most popular tourist destinations in the world, and its great history over the centuries impresses everyone. In addition, it is renowned for its special cuisine and its strange culture.

But there are some facts that only the locals know about their country and which may seem incredible to you.

Read the five strange events that apply to the state of China and make you understand the different culture a little better.


1. No one should ever travel to China during its national holidays

Since there are no official holidays there, the days of their national holidays are the ones where everybody takes a break, which means that there is a waste everywhere and even on the sidewalks the situation becomes intolerable.

2. On the night train, they do not change the bedchair bedding

If you travel there and have to take the evening train, know that where you sleep, another person slept before you and even used his bed sheets. Commonly, these do not change as soon as the passenger changes.

3. Nobody leaves Tips

Nowhere and never! Not in taxis, restaurants, bars or hotels. It is an unacceptable move.

4. One who invites for food, pays for it

When someone invites someone for food in China, he always pays and vice versa. And since the Chinese eat according to their schedule, they have to arrange before their lunch time.

5. Not all hotels host foreign visitors

There is a law in China on the census of foreigners and not all hotels meet it. So if a tourist is looking to book, he should look for the phrase "Only for the citizens of the continent of China," so as not to make the wrong choice.
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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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What is an entrepreneur?

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who wants to realize his business ideas. These ideas always rely on a significant and detailed knowledge of some industry and market, customer needs, technology, distribution, and sales methods. Entrepreneur is someone who is able to successfully manage his own business.


Being a successful entrepreneur means always learning. Moreover, the initiation and development of one's own business is just continuous learning, and it is best learned when one's own and other experiences, including mistakes, are taken into account and considered with care.

Everyone can start their own business. The easiest part of everything is to establish a company. Entrepreneurs who understand the difference between ideas and opportunities have a greater chance of success.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

When we think of an entrepreneur, we mainly think of the owner of a shop, a craftsman or a handyman. Sometimes we think of a business owner with a few employees, and other times a business owner with more than 100 employees. But we never think of Bill Gates.

Be the first, but at the same time the best.

The main trump of entrepreneurs are ideas and desires to create something successful, with the project being exclusively theirs.

It is up to them to develop an idea, to possess the necessary knowledge, to invest their creativity in the success of their company and to start building their dreams. The entrepreneur must possess a collection of knowledge, skills and abilities, but also a driving spirit, commitment, responsibility and dynamism.

What is the significance of knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs?

✓ As an entrepreneur, you can choose how, when and what you are going to do
✓ Knowledge and skills can be applied in all areas of life
✓ You will find it easier to manage business
✓ Through education, the potential that is a key element of employment and economic development is developing throughout the world

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you must have a strong personality, be persistent and consistent, have a good attitude, a developed imagination, be satisfied with yourself, curious and highly motivated.

What is common to all entrepreneurs is a passion for what they do, a passion for their ideas and a desire to achieve them on the market. In addition, all entrepreneurs want to manage their fate and allow nobody else to determine what they do.

What does an entrepreneur do

What is important for every entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are focused on starting and organizing the business of a company, with the aim of creating a new market and earning profits. The business of an entrepreneur is related to all types of businesses. It develops creativity and promotes the creation of ideas.

Bearing this in mind, for a good entrepreneur it is important:

  • well aware of the target market
  • efficiently manage finances
  • make a good promotion, in order to be visible on the market
  • cleverly chooses a team of employees
  • knows the economic situation, which could affect the result of his work
  • risk assessment

Obviously, a good entrepreneur has knowledge of all forms of business. He must, at the same time, be an economist, manager, project leader, analyst and human resources manager.

Quality education is what makes the difference between a successful entrepreneur and someone who only owns the initial capital. Knowledge is an eternal capital!

The entrepreneur creates his own workplace, work activities and activity to deal with. From masters and craftsmen, to the director of a large world corporation. It is only important that they have the original idea, the necessary knowledge and energy to pursue their business dreams.

Some of the main skills successful entrepreneurs need are:

  • public appearance
  • speaking
  • leadership
  • team work
  • time management
  • making decisions
  • writing
  • negotiation
  • building a personal style

Useful how-to knowledge for entrepreneurs:

  • how to write and implement a business plan
  • how to manage scrap resources within the company
  • how to manage your marketing and sales process
  • how to manage employee knowledge
  • how to plan and run your own career
  • how to manage a quality system
  • how to manage projects
  • how to manage a supply chain
  • how to conduct business communication in English
  • how to take advantage of the potential of IT in the work of the company
  • how to establish good public relations
  • basic knowledge from stock exchange business
  • how to manage finances

In conclusion, being an entrepeneur is not an easy career choice, but if sucessful it can be well worth it in the long run.

There are risks and there are rewards, the choice is yours.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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How do I get fake likes on a Facebook status?

That's easy. You can use Facebook marketing groups, although that is unreliable, time-consuming and there are no guarantees.

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Of course, you can always buy Facebook likes for any status/post/photo/video cheaply, quickly and easily from various sites.

For example:

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

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Basketball - they were losing eight points 48 seconds before the end, and then a spectacle [Video]


An unbelievable turnaround was made by the Fuenlabrada basketball players who were losing in the FIBA Champions League game to Bamberg at 82:74 just 48 seconds before the end of the game, and then something spectacular happened.

The German players as well as the fans started to slowly celebrate the triumph, but the Spanish team's basketball players weren't gonna let them have it, and made a turnaround to remember.

The team from Spain managed to reduce the point difference down to 3 points, followed by Tajris Rajs's free throws that brought the score to 85:80. Still, the Fuenlabrada three point shot and the final free throws followed.

Two seconds before the end, a real spectacle was seen. The basketball player Francis Kruz scored a winning three point shot over 8 meters away from the basket.

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

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Trump: We will remove the "trash" from the Ministry of Justice

US President Donald Tramp, based on the media reports that a justice ministry official has suggested that the White House was secretly surveilled, said this was a "bad smell" that would be removed.


The "New York Times" announced that Deputy State Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein last year suggested that Trump should be secretly filmed to reveal the chaos that rules in the White House, and put the idea that members of the President's Cabinet are engaged in his removal from office, constitutionally.

The amendment to the 25th Constitution of the United States prescribes that a president may be declared "incapable of exercising his authority and performing a presidential duty" based on the pronouncement of the vice-president and the majority of Cabinet members.

Rosenstein denied the writing of the New York Times, and the White House has not responded yet. Trump, however, talked about this during a large rally in Springfield, Missouri.

"Just take a look at what has been revealed in our justice ministry ... We have great people in the justice ministry ... But you have some really bad ones. You saw what happened to the FBI, everyone was upset," Tramp said, adding: "But it stinks, and we will get rid of it.

He went to Missouri to support one republican candidate for the Senate.

According to the New York Times, Rosenstein gave the controversial statement in the spring of 2017 to several people who were not named. The list also mentions people familiar with the notes of the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, in which these statements are mentioned.

McCabe's lawyer says his client made notes to record important conversations he had with senior officials and preserved them so he could pinpoint them precisely.

These notes remained in the FBI until January this year when McCabe was fired, and they were later given to Robert Maler, a special adviser in the investigation into the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 American election. According to the lawyer, Mackay does not know how these texts came to the press.

According to the same sources in the New York Times, Rosestein said he could persuade Justice Minister Jeff Seans and former Interior Minister John Kelly, who is now head of the White House Administration, to call for the 25th amendment to start removing Trump.

None of these ideas has been achieved, the paper said.

In his denial, Rosenstein said that the "New York Times" story was "inaccurate and factually incorrect."

"I have no more comments on a story based on anonymous sources that are clearly biased against the ministry (justice) and push an agenda. But to be clear: Based on my personal relationship with the president, there is no basis for invoking the 25th amendment of the Constitution," wrote Rosenstein.
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Saturday, August 18, 2018

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