Friday, April 20, 2018

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Volcano eruption in Japan after 250 years: The authorities marked a forbidden zone, citizens warned (PHOTOS)

Another volcano which is located nearby strongly erupted in March, for the first time after seven years.


The volcano Io in the south of Japan erupted for the first time after 250 years, and the authorities marked a restricted zone.

This volcano ejected smoke and ash into the air on Thursday, for the first time since 1768, and the Japanese Meteorological Service has today extended a zone prohibited to move across the entire mountain, from the previous zone that only tracked around the volcano crater, AP reports.

The eruptions briefly declined today, but officials warned citizens in nearby cities to be on guard from volcanic rocks and ashes falling.

Volcano Smoke

This volcano belongs to the Kiryushima mountain spanning over the main Japanese island in the south of the country, Kyushu, about 1,000 kilometers southeast of Tokyo.

Another volcano located nearby strongly erupted in March, the first time after seven years.

Japan is located in the area of ​​the "Pacific Ring of Fire" and includes 110 active volcanoes.
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