Monday, December 25, 2017

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Buy Instagram Followers, Fans

There were no methods to connect people who are located at distances in ancient times (can you believe I just published a sentence like this on my blog? :p ). Time has changed and now there are many ways in which people communicate with each other. People gather and connect with the help of the Internet and Social Media. Now everybody updates their statuses and events in their lives on social media and attract the people around them.

Social media has become an easy way to get the attention of friends and family in your life, and a great tool for business. People evaluate you and get to know you better through sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and others.

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So buy some Instagram Followers and enjoy the attention you get. You will get more likes for photos and other stuff you publish. Why should you waste time when such an opportunity is in front of you? (that's such a salesy bullshit thing to say :D I'll keep it real with you in the next paragraph)

On the real though, the followers you'll receive are slow to arrive, so the increase is very natural-looking and organic. Many of them are totally real followers, which is almost impossible to find, especially at those low prices. And most importantly, these are STABLE followers that will never drop. So you can buy yourself a few thousand followers, get your profile looking tight, and then go on into the Instagram world with an improved social presence and increased credibility! You will look bigger, therefore you will be bigger ;) 
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Saturday, December 9, 2017

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23 year old porn star August Ames was found dead


The 23 year old Canadian porn star August Ames was found dead at her California home in the United States.

According to the coroner, the 23-year-old was hanged. Her husband, director of erotic films Kevin Moore, said she was "the most loving person I knew, and she was my whole world. Please respect the mourning of our family."

The 23 year old August, starring in more than 250 erotic films, is reported to have been suffering from chronic depression.

A mere 24 hours before her death, she was involved in a public debate because of her posting on her Twitter account, in which she stated that she left a scene because her partner had been involved in homosexual erotic films. Many accused her of homophobia, while she argued that the reasons that led her to this decision related solely to her personal health.

August Ames's brother James Grabowski wrote a text on his Facebook page in which he accused everyone who was bullying his sister and led her to suicide. He deleted his post shortly after.

The 23-year-old was one of the most famous protagonists in her field, with her name appearing in over 425 million searches.
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