Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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92% of young Greeks don't trust politics

One in two young people is especially worried about his employment future

92% of young people in Greece and 66% of their peers in Germany do not trust politics. Almost four in 10 young Greeks don't negatively approach the possibility of the country leaving the European Union, while only 9% of Germans share this attitude, in terms of their own country. Young people in Greece are 47% pessimistic about their future - they are more optimistic, however, than the French and Italians.

One in two young people is particularly concerned about jobs in the future, both in Greece and Italy, while there's much less worry in Austria and Switzerland. The issue of refugees is treated with a positive attitude from the young people in Europe, even in countries where there is high unemployment.

These findings, obtained by the pan-European research «Generation What» about the wishes of young people, which will be published next month, presented at the start of operations of the 2nd Greek-German Youth Forum, the representative of the German Institute of sociological research «SINUS Akademie», Dr. Gabriel Sabah.

Mrs. Sabah said the reality for young people in Greece and Germany is quite different, however, the approach that should be taken is the same.

"No young person wants to be spoken to the way he speaks, but some things we have to try to reach out, to get to different people, talk to them according to their world, their life," he said.

Moreover, as explained, the interests of young people and their needs, as formulated in the socioeconomic environment in which they live, has a substantial difference.

"In 2012 the issue of being a mainstream was a curse for some, not 2017, and found that there is a much greater willingness to adapt new to new situations," he said.
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