Monday, January 30, 2017

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Christiano Ronaldo remembered his "French" (Video)

Christiano Ronaldo celebrating in Real Madrid uniform

The "French language" in a football match is not something unknown, but when they come from big players it's always interesting ... especially when addressed to their own fans...

Cristiano Ronaldo reacted in the worst way to boos of the fans of Real during the game against Sociedad. The Portuguese superstar made a bad control in the 23rd minute of the match, and the fans reacted by booing him. Ronaldo didn't like this at all, and responded with insults to the fans of his team; which he did on at least three occasions.

Later on in the game when he scored and gave an assist, the boos turned into applause and so the controversy between the Portuguese star and Real's fans didn't get bigger dimensions.


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