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Monday, October 30, 2017

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Kenya: Uhuru Kenyat is re-elected president with 98% approval rating


Participation in these elections, boycotted by the opposition leader, stood at 38.8%.

Outgoing Kenyan President Khufu Khuyata won the re-election on the presidential elections held last week with a little over 98%, the head of the election commission said.

Participation in these elections, which was boycotted by the opposition leader Raila Odinga, was 38.8%, according to Uafula Cebukati.

Kenyatta received 7,483 million votes, compared with 73,228 for Odinga. The percentage of participation is much smaller than that of August 8th elections (79%), which was canceled due to various "irregularities" by the Supreme Court of the country.
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Friday, September 15, 2017

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Russia deeply concerned about North Korean missiles

The latest launch of missiles by North Korea has been characterized by the officials in Kremlin as part of a series of unacceptable provocations, and by the European Union as "an unheard provocation," the agencies report.

Dmitrij Peskov

We in Russia are deeply concerned about these provocative launches that are pushing for further tensions. A clear statement of our view that such a launch is unacceptable is the most realistic thing we can now do - Peskov said.

In a press conference with reporters, he stressed that the members of the United Nations Security Council are united in condemning this launch, the Reuters spokesman said.

According to the AFP, the head of European diplomacy, Federico Mogerini, has condemned this move by North Korea and called for sanctions to be strengthened against that country.

The international community, allegedly, hopes that economic sanctions will deny North Korea the money to continue with their nuclear and missile program, and will also exert pressure on that country to enter into negotiations about ending its nuclear ambitions.

- Today's launch of another ballistic missile above Japan that North Korea has brought is a major provocation, Mogerini said.

According to her, the EU will introduce the latest measures against individuals and organizations today and continue efforts to expand their own regime of sanctions already in progress.
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Friday, September 1, 2017

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Pinterest: What is it and how to use it?

Pinterest is a fairly young social network that is increasingly being talked about and whose number of users is growing steadily and rapidly. The network already has over 10 million users (the fastest reached 10 million in history). You can register on Pinterest easily and for free.


How does it work?

Pinterest is conceived as a system of boards that users organize according to their affinities and interests. Everyone on their profile can create the number of boards they want and group them into categories (for example, in the "Library" you will put everything in the field - books, funds, users in libraries, in "Fashion" you will put photos that concern fashion, clothes, jewlery, etc.). Every time a user picks up a photo (that is, Pins something), it goes out to his followers in the feed. Pinning can be done either by uploading an image from your computer, or by linking from a URL, or by repinning a photo that someone else uploaded. 

You create a network of contacts by following other users, which may follow you in return if they want to. Tagging other users is done in a familiar way to us, using the @ symbol.

What are Pin, Repin and Board?

As Facebook has its Like, and Twitter its Follow, so Pinterest has three terms that must be understood in order to be used properly.

Pin represents a photo that is added to Pinterest from the network itself or from another site or from your computer. With each photo you can always write a sentence or two as a short description. Companies advertise their products this way: Set a photo of the price with the price tag and in the description put the link to their site.

Repin is something like Retweet in the Twitter world. Once something is pinned, other users can "Reppin" it. This is the most efficient way for content to be spread.

Board - it's a board where all of your pins live on your profile (like a folder).

Great for work!

It's interesting that you can allow friends on Pinterest to edit some of your boards. It's a good tool for companies that want to advertise their products here.
Also, every "Pinned" photo from your company's site is directly inserted, so if a user is interested in the product, he can go to the site and order it. That's why on Pinterest it behooves you to concentrate on good quality photos, as it's a photo-oriented site, and photos catch the eye. 

Are you on Pinterest?

One of the problems on Pinterest is that it's not as socially-oriented as some other networks, so getting followers for your profile and repins for your pins can be a daunting task. Especially when you're first starting out.

In conclusion, Pinterest can be used for fun, and also for marketing and business purposes. No matter what you're into, you can surely find a home on Pinterest and enjoy some nice photos in the process.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

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One in Ten children worldwide received no vaccinations in 2017


One in ten children around the world did not vaccinate in 2017 and is at risk of diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis, warns the World Health Organization (WHO).

This study, in collaboration with Unicef ​​(United Nations Children's Fund), reveals that 12.9 million children out of a total of 116.6 million have not been vaccinated and, in addition, about 6.6 million children received only one dose out of the three that is necessary to protect against communicable diseases.

Since 2010, the rate of vaccination in children remains stable at 86% and is still far from the 90% target set by the UN.

"Most of the children who are not vaccinated are the same ones that have not gone through the health systems. These children probably have not received any medical care. If we want to increase the overall rate of vaccinations, health services should reach those who are not currently covered by them," said Dr. Jean-Marie Ocuo-Bele, Director of the WHO Immunization and Vaccine Service.

Thanks to vaccination, every year, 2-3 million deaths from diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and measles are avoided, WHO and Unicef ​​recall.

According to the most recent statistics, 130 of the 194 WHO member countries achieved at least 90% of their diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccination last year. But in eight countries this figure still remains below 50%: the Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria and Ukraine.

Recalling that half of the world's population lives in urban areas, including the slums of Africa and Asia, the report stresses that "poor bourgeois" are the ones most at risk of being vaccinated.
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Monday, June 26, 2017

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Pregnant women allowed to kill? A new law in the US shocked the public


Republican lawmakers in New Hampshire made a mistake in creating a law that allows pregnant women to "commit any kind of murder without punishment."

The proposed law is one of a dozen laws on the killing of a fetus nationwide, which permits fetuses to be considered persons in cases of first-degree murder or negligent homicide.

The law defines the fetus as a person for 20 weeks after conception. Those who support the law claim that it will be able to punish anyone who causes a fetus death in an attack or a car accident.

However, human rights activists claim that the law can be interpreted as an attempt to ban abortion. Because of this, lawmakers added that women seeking medical abortion services were excluded from the new law.

The original text of the law stated that "all pregnant women who commit the crime of murder of the first and second degree" were excluded from it.

A Republican congressman warned that such a draft law allows pregnant women to kill people without any consequences. The lawmakers noticed the error only after the draft had passed the senate, but it was later revised.

"None of us voted that people were allowed to kill. That was not our intention," Republican Dick Hinch said.
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Saturday, June 3, 2017

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Opportunities that social media provides businesses

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Digg, Flickr, VK, Youtube
Social media is not just a tool for viewing images of friends and reminiscing on some events from the past. Social media has become a tool with measurable and predictable power which really brings many benefits to online business, and some of them are:

Branding: This is probably the most obvious advantage for the majority of online businesses that use social media. Whether Internet users have a direct connection to your brand or not, they will still always see your brand within the network they use. The more regularly a business updates their content, the more often consumers will see them, and that therefore increases the likelihood that they will remember them. Regardless of the business operations, brand awareness is vital for success in the future.

Reputation management: Managing your online reputation is very important because no matter whether you participate in online conversations relating to your brand or industry, others are sure to lead discussions and give their opinions. It is therefore very useful to know what consumers think about your products, services and everything else that has to do with your business, in order to have time to adequately respond. Since social media is open to all, everyone has the opportunity to say what he wants, and so on your business. Therefore it is very important to build trust with consumers. Feedback from social media can show you the way that business should move in terms of customer relations as well as in many other matters relevant to the business.

Customer Support: Customer support is vital for the success of any business and social media can help tremendously in that. When you let people contact you via social media, whether it is for praise or complaints, it is very important that you respond on time and try to thank them or help. Social media provide a platform for "one-on-one" communication for business. This is an option you should certainly take advantage of because the communication takes place in real-time, which is much better than phone or e-mail. A timely response and providing useful information or giving thanks for their support is something that can be seen by the whole network, which also shows your commitment and concern for consumers.

Lead Generation: Social Media can be used as a means of finding customers, promoting and establishing many other useful links. Conversation is constant within each social network so the most important thing is to monitor these discussions in order to benefit the business. These Leads can be anything from an idea for an article to online sales. For example, a simple search on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, you can gain insight about what is being said about your industry and possibly communicate with interested prospective buyers.

Education: In every industry it is important to be innovative and always find the best solutions for the problems or the situation. Social media allows free access to information coming from other businesses, media, friends, associates, and also from the competition.

Competition analysis: In every industry it is vital to keep up with the competition. Social media makes this process significantly easier by allowing you to view content and conversations that competitors have on their social accounts. These conversations with customers and the content offered inside can certainly help you in your positioning with consumers.
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

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How to buy Real Facebook Followers for your personal profile

I posted the photo above on top of this article to get you to see and understand what I'm talking about. Which one do you prefer? The one of the left or the one on the right?

Which one is more impressive to your friends, family, colleagues and anybody that sees it? The answer is the one on the right, of course.

The problem is that unless you're a celebrity or spend a shit ton of money on Facebook Ads, you will never reach that level of followers. But here at St4niec we got you covered.

Buying real Facebook followers for your personal profile can be easy, quick, safe and cheap. All you have to do to buy Facebook Followers is go to, select the "FB Profile Followers" tab, select your package and proceed to finalize your order..

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Why Socialesale?

Because I have tested them, and it's for real. Plus they've been around for years and offer many services on their site, which shows they know their business. And they have an active, quick and helpful customer support, which is always awesome when shopping online.

Personally I have 23,000+ Followers on my Facebook profile, all bought from Socialesale, so I can see what kind of followers they are sending. They deliver worldwide followers, and they're real, not fake bots with no activity and no profile pictures. They deliver quality stuff, and they're super cheap when comparing to other sellers I tested for this.

Can I test the service before I buy?

This is another thing Socialesale offers, and I've never seen this elsewhere. You can try the service for free by requesting a free sample on their site, here:

If you check on that page, you'll see you can also test other services they offer for free. So you can test before you buy... or you can simply get some free stuff with no strings attached ;)


Whether you're a celebrity, aspire to be one, or just a regular person, buying Facebook Followers can really help you. I can't tell you how many times someone mentioned the amount of followers I have on Facebook in an almost envious way.

Let's Face it, Facebook is the one social network that everyone's on, and will continue to be on forever. Not to say that Instagram and Twitter don't matter, but nothing compares to Facebook. Increasing your profile followers, apart from the extra potential likes and shares your posts may get, you will forever be the one to impress family, friends, potential boyfriend/girlfriend, employees, and the world all around.


If you check on Socialesale, the largest package for Followers they offer is 5,000. But if you're really serious and want to explode your followers by buying more than 5,000, contact Socialesale and tell them how many followers you want. If you do this they'll give a discount on a larger order, and you'll effectively get more followers for less money.
Boom! Done! :)
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