Monday, December 8, 2014

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Jennifer Lopez - Fan invades Mansion, stays for 7 days

One of obsessed fans of the Latino diva Jennifer Lopez had decided to move into her huge mansion in the Hamptons in 2013. According to the cops, this admirer stayed out of sight and unnoticed for around 7 days in the pool house before he was caught.

The unknown man sneaked into the house of Jenny in the early August of 2013. And the weird thing is that the fan was taking pictures from the home of the Latino diva and posting them on the Internet. Then one of the employees from the house saw him and called the police, who had forcibly kicked him off the property. In his defense the man said he was the father of the children of the famous singer (?!) and that she had left the door open for him to get in .

The following day the fan was put up on charges of criminal contempt, stalking, burglary and possession of burglary tools.

The things some people go through. Personally, nobody ever sneaked into my house, I'm happy to say.


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