Sunday, December 28, 2014

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Russia-Putin outplays the west!

Putin waving his index finger photo
MOSCOW - While in the West is convinced that sanctions will be enough to "defeat" Russia, Moscow has just made a great financial move that greatly played their opponents around their little finger, and in a couple of days they earned more than $20 billion. Plus, Russia regained almost 30% of the shares of its monopolistic companies, who have been in Western hands.

As reported by Russian portal "", a large part of the shares of Russian energy companies belonged to foreign investors - American and European - which meant that almost half of the revenues from oil and gas companies did not go to Russia's coffers, but the accounts of foreign "financial sharks" in Europe. Due to the situation in Crimea, the ruble started to plummet, and the Central Bank has done nothing to support the ruble exchange rate. There were even rumors that Russia does not have enough stock of currency in order to support the ruble exchange rate.

Due to these rumors, but also Putin's statements that he will protect the people who speak the Russian language in Ukraine, there was a large fall in the value of shares of Russian energy companies and "financial sharks" soon began to sell shares on the stock exchange until they completely lost their value.

Putin waited a whole week, and just smiled at press conferences, and when the stock price collapsed completely, he immediately ordered the same time buy all that were in the hands of Americans and Europeans. By the time the "financial sharks" realized that they were "turned around Putin's little finger", it was too late: the actions were in the hands of Russia.

Russia that day not only earned more than $ 20 billion, but also returned the actions of their companies. Now, income from oil and gas will not go abroad, but will remain in Russia. The ruble will itself raise and for its support it will not be necessary to spend gold reserves of the Federation. Indeed, the "financial sharks" in the West are cleverly circumvented because, for just a few minutes, the Russians for 'pennies' bought actions that bring revenue from oil and gas worth billions of dollars.

It should be noted that such a great operation has not been seen since the establishment of the stock exchange. Putin with this move skillfully outplayed the EU and the US, and before the eyes of the world everything went according to plan.


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