Saturday, December 6, 2014

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10 interesting things you did not know about Leonardo DiCaprio

leonardo-dicaprio-youngWhat we know about Leonardo is that he is a good actor and he likes to have fun with the models, but what we don't is much more interesting...

1. Some millionaire has paid 1.5 million dollars to travel into space with Leonardo.

2. Leo and Kate Winslet paid for the nursing home of the last surviving woman from the Titanic.

3. He got offered a role in the film "American Psycho", but he refused because all of his fans were teenagers.

4. He was named Leonardo because his mother was in a museum in Italy and watching the image of Leonardo da Vinci when he kicked for the first time in her stomach.

5. A woman at a party hit Leonardo in the head with a glass of wine in the head. She spent two years

in jail.
6. Leo has an island

7. He survived a shark attack

8. His "obsessive compulsive disorder" was again activated while filming the movie "The Aviator". When he was little he could not step on the cracks in the concrete on the street.

9. He was almost killed during a jump with a parachute that did not open, but he was saved by his instructor.

10. He donated several million dollars to save tigers in Nepal.


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